Why choose Asap IT?

To be competitive and achieve the desired flexibility in order to meet the rapid market changes, effective and quality assured resource purchases are required.

Why choose Asap IT?

Asap IT has extensive experience in providing the right consultants at the right time in order to create favorable conditions for successful IT projects. Asap IT has a vast industry competence and a large database of national and international consultants. We have a close relationship in the Baltics with an office in Riga as well as i Uppsala. This allows us to meet customer needs in terms of both expertise and a variety of cost efficient options.

We are aware that sometimes it may be difficult to find niche consultants for some very specific projects. As a rule we are the ones who can succeed in this issue. Our vast database has more than 10 000 candidates with varied specialist competences across a broad range of industries. They can assist even with the most demanding of requirements.

Asap IT has an approach that focuses on transparency and quality assurance, which creates a sense of security and trust. We manage all the administrative work surrounding the assignments and relocation of the consultants. Our customers can spend their valuable time to focus on their actual projects.

Asap IT value personal relations and therefore give our customers as well as consultants, a dedicated and flexible personal contact who is always available. Asap IT is well reversed in customer projects in order to achieve the best matches and create the optimal end result for our customers.

Our values and our philosophy

  • Simpicity

  • Durability

  • Meaningfulness

  • Responsibility